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Gallery Show | Illustration | Curation | Leadership | Acrylic Paint | Adobe Illustrator

I took what was a personal love for my school's architecture and turned it into a solo art show to memorialize a great mid-century architect and the work he did that made California State University, Long Beach the school it is today.


My artist statement for the show read:


I take great pleasure in studying the architecture found on California State University Long Beach’s campus. I have been admiring the architecture here since the first day I saw it on a visit. After doing some research, I found that I was interested in, and inspired by the work of Edward Killingsworth who worked in the “post-and-beam” style. His mid-century architecture and simple color palette used on CSULB’s campus speaks strongly to my aesthetic and inspires me.


In this show, I have experimented with the deconstruction of Killingsworth’s buildings into a series of paintings that are visual interpretations of the post and beam style. These strips of illustration board attempt to capture the main stylistic elements that create each building’s character while staying true to their original design. 

As a whole, this show serves as an expression of my interests and personal aesthetic. It is my hope that this show will serve as a catalyst to see CSULB’s architecture from a fresh perspective.


Signed by faculty sponsor, Rick Reese.


After being selected to be showcased in the Insights Juried Student Art Show and in CSULB's President's house, the body of work is now on display in multiple locations. Two of the pieces have been purchased, one of those being by the President of CSULB and another by a fellow colleague from the School of Art Office. The rest reside at my parents house displayed nicely along the staircase.

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