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Space Out

Lay back, be still, and let your mind travel the amazing world of your imagination.

Illustration of the night time sky with a shooting star.

So I've made a playlist to feel like you are outside and another for a journey to actually go outside. Now, my newest addition is for a journey not based on reality and requires a willingness to explore your mind. Essentially, I created this playlist as a musical guide through one's imagination inspired by the vast unknown that we call space. To explain why this playlist is inspired by space, I am going to share some background about myself.

At community college, I took an astronomy course to fulfill one of my science credits. I absolutely loved the course, and after the semester was over my professor asked me if I'd like to become her class's tutor for the following semester. I am so glad I said yes to the opportunity, because that was surely one of my favorite jobs I've had so far (even though it wasn't art or design related). Helping fellow students get past barriers that were keeping them from enjoying the excitement of astronomy brought me so much joy and purpose.

Looking back at my experience with the students, I think most of the barriers came from the struggle to reframe their way of thinking. In order to understand the movement of the moon around Earth and other astronomical phenomenons, one must use their creative and abstract thinking to imagine a world that is outside their reach. Unless you're an astronaut or astronomer, your experience with space is limited and small which is why imagination plays such a big part into understanding the inner workings of our universe and beyond.

In my opinion, this kind of thinking is crucial to not just astronomy, but all fields of study and even one's well-being. Imagination is essential to innovation and problem-solving. Which is why I think it's important to practice and use your imagination often. So, if you are feeling out of practice and you need a break from reality on Earth, then put on your space suit and drift away into the space of your imagination with the my playlist.

Your audio adventure begins here.

There are many ways to express creativity and practice your imagination, so if you have any other ways to explore your mind please share. I'd love to know and maybe try out something new! ♪

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