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Let the Good Times Roll

Jams for long treks and scenic highways.

Simplified aerial shot of crop fields along a highway.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are the summer road trips with my family. Granted a lot of those memories are kind of short since I often fell asleep during the drives because of the motion sickness medicine I would take. However, I do look back fondly on those drives with my family to destinations filled with adventure.

There's something about passing through the wide open terrain along highways that gets me excited. As a child, it was seeing a new part of the world and the anticipation of arriving to our new spot for the weekend. Today, I think it's more about escaping from the world and the responsibilities that usually come with it. On the open road outside of the city, the opportunities seem endless.

In this playlist, I focused on themes like nostalgia and escape. This turned into a healthy mix of classic rock, good oldies, and contemporary music full of a "let's get out of here" kind of vibe. Majority of the music does have a folksy, western, kind of country sound to it, as my travels to the South West is pretty much all the experience I have available to draw inspiration from. If you wanna hear what a road trip sounds like to me, then check out this playlist.

Buckle up and get comfortable for your long trek with this playlist.

But before you check it out, I have a couple of notes I want to mention. From my experience, road trips are usually long, and if they span past a day's worth of driving, I like to break up the driving to around 6 hours a day. So, I purposely made this playlist long (about 6 hours) so if you were to save it and use it for your next trip you'll have enough tunes to reach your destination. One other note, this playlist is best enjoyed when played in order. For future reference, this will be a consistent aspect for all my playlists. When I create each one I am taking care about how each song flows into the next. That's not to say it can't be just as enjoyable shuffled, but I wanted to take the extra step instead of just throwing all these songs onto a playlist and call it a day. I want there to be a sort of storyline for the listener to follow. So please enjoy this road trip story I created and I hope with it you can make some new stories of your own. ♪

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