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Leaves Fallin' & Ghosts Chillin'

As the days get cooler and leaves start to fall, you can't help but feel the spooky vibes creep over you.

Even though I am back in Southern California where it's sunny basically year-round, I love the feeling of the seasons changing from summer to autumn. The days get shorter, mornings are cooler, and the foliage goes from sage and lime greens to golden browns and rusty reds as plants hibernate for the oncoming colder temperatures and reduced sunlight.

Now with those colors in mind, I can't help but think of stereotypical 70's lifestyle: shag rugs, harvest colors, and a whole lot of funk. With the spooky season coming into full effect, this thought starts to manifest into plaid, dark colors, and all the little punks playing tricks for treats. If you were to mix those two aesthetics together you would get this playlist.

I have already made a playlist for the grand ole spooky day, Halloween, (you can check it out here) so I wanted to put together music that feels perfect for the overall season of autumn with a touch of the creeps to get ready for that last day of October.

Start those spooky vibes right here.

Every year it seems the Halloween season starts earlier and earlier. I'm curious when you like to start the spooky season in your own home. Please share in the comments if you're one to keep Halloween to the month of October, celebrate it the entire autumn season, or you have skeletons and bat decorations out all year long. ♪

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