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A Chair Study

Gallery Show | Illustration | Curation | Leadership | Acrylic Paint | Adobe Illustrator

What had originally started as an album of random chair photos, my obsession with chairs pulled in enough of my peers to create a group show on the subject. 


“A Sitting Impression” became the title of show and the artist statement read: 


Humans have been employing chairs ever since we’ve wanted to sit on something other than the ground. The material and the style of a chair is determined by many cultural and utilitarian factors, but all chairs no matter how different, share a similar objective in providing a place to sit. Not all chairs are made for the same purpose, some might be practically constructed for a public setting while others are crafted for a specific person. Chairs are a form of artistic expression which often goes overlooked. They have the potential to signify something about its user, based on the context in which it exists. This show will explore the idea of a chair in several perspectives, and from several artists. 


Signed by faculty sponsor, Mark Michelon.

Still grateful to this day for all the artists involved, everyone else that helped set up the show, and all the lovely people who came by to check out the work.


Scroll to see the progression from obsession to group muse.

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